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Ed's October 2007 Healing Journey to Vietnam

Vietnam vet has new mission


"I just finished reading Ed's book WAR AND THE SOUL. It is marvelous and on a number of occasions brought me to tears. The scope of this book reaches beyond vets, and is a powerful read for us all. As someone who's been a citizen of a country that
fights wars but has not been that affected by them personally, Ed's book brought this war/warrior energy home for me, dark and light.

This book is about an energy that is part of all of us. It's something to own and be aware of; that's what this book did for me; something was reintegrated into my life. Ed has done some powerful and difficult work; I respect who he is and what he's done."

Lynette Bowen-Post, Texas

"I am grateful to the Fetzer institute for sponsoring Ed Tick in Kalamazoo. I have struggled for some time with the question of how do we, in the peace movement, support our troops. In general we have adopted the phrase: Support our troops, bring them home safely now. That is a marked improvement over how some scorned the troops returning from Vietnam. But Ed's vision is so much bigger and so welcome, so complex and so necessary. His verbal remarks and written phrases imagized the problem and the need for a solution and the methods for healing. It opened up new horizons for me, bolstered with Jungian archetypes and various mythologies, which made it all the more emotional and more real. a"

Stephen M. Senesi
Kalamazoo, MI

"Walking through hell with his heart wide open, Ed Tick takes us on a journey of transformative power. Using history, mythology, psychology, story, and insight born of years of helping veterans, Tick allows us to bear witness to the agony as well as the healing of those who have endured the horrors of war. It is a journey from darkness through shadow and, patiently, tirelessly, into the light."

Richard Geldard, author of The Traveler's Key to Ancient Greece and The Essential Transcendentalists

"Through Ed’s remarkable books we come know that War is real. And we come to know that the Soul is real. And that War destroys the Soul. And that consciousness, vision, myth and story can heal the soul from the war even as those wars are destroying all our souls, not only those of the ones who have to fight or are the victims of that fight. This is not an ordinary brilliant book. This is a document that leads all of us to the possibility of healing ourselves from the wars that devastate so entirely that no one is safe. This book can save our lives."

Deena Metzger, author of Entering the Ghost River

"For twenty-some years Ed Tick has been my friend and often my teacher. Since not long after the Vietnam War, Ed has been increasing his knowledge and understanding of other and older healing cultures and bringing these understandings to bear on the treatment of PTSD. Such treatment these days is too often focused on the strictly clinical, but Dr. Tick has dared bring to it that spiritual element, soul. Any deep trauma, be it from war or other source ravages the victim’s heart and soul. Dealing with PTSD at any level less deep than soul is only a palliative. If you are involved in treating those suffering from deep trauma or a relative or friend or just an interested, caring person, you owe it to yourself and to your client or loved one to read Dr. Tick."

Frank L. Houde, Lieutenant Colonel USAF Retired

"Take off your shoes. You are about to step onto Holy Ground. Ed Tick has written a handbook for moving the veteran, the pacifist, the family member through the dark night of the soul engendered by war. If there is light after the dark, Ed holds the match and the candle. Yes there are shadows. Yes there are horrors. Yes there are atrocities. But if we are to find our way, Ed’ book will illuminate the path. How have we lived without this strong medicine for the war-sick soul?"

Carolyn Raffensperger, founder and director, Science and the Environmental Health Network

"As the world hangs in the balance - tipping inexorably toward a destroyed environment and an inner human ecology that is waging that war - Ed Tick illuminates the path that could pull humanity back from the brink. It is a path of reconciliation and healing, a profound transformation of the human soul that allows the true warrior to stand fiercely in the face of unimaginable pain and grief, and actually feel it. By feeling it, we can heal it. The wound of the world and our personal wounds are the same wound. Ed Tick shows us how to stop the war and become truly alive."

Kenny Ausubel
Founder, Bioneers

"I have read Ed’s books cover to cover and I am say WOW!! They really knock my socks off. The depth of his writing penetrates areas other therapists have not even considered. It is exactly as Ed wrote it, with vets the therapist cannot be detached or they will never open up. Being detached is putting up a wall so the pain cannot get in. Being immersed in a story and feeling the essence of it is the only way to truly understand the problem. This book only reinforces my decision to present Ed Tick with a Combat Infantry Badge."

Robert Cagle, Vietnam veteran

"I met Ed Tick a number of times when I gave talks on Vietnamese culture to Americans visitors. In my eyes, he looked like a priest with his serious manners and measured gestures. In fact, Ed Tick was a PhD in clinical psychotherapy from Albany, New York, and had ardent faith in his mission, just like a priest. For thirty years, he has treated the American veterans of many wars; World War II, Korea, Lebanon, Kuwait, Iraq, as well as the survivors of Nazi death camps.

His first patients were veterans of the conflict in Viet Nam. To treat them, Tick decided they needed to return to the country so they could replace their images of war with images of peace, thus relieving their war-haunted minds… Together with his clients, Tick has explored the land, culture, people, history, and mythology of Viet Nam. He believes that "immersion in this land and culture can bring healing and transformation to those still suffering the inner ravages of war."

Prof. Huu Ngoc, Gaia Publishing House, Ha Noi, Viet Nam

"I could never truly honor or thank you for what you actually do as your 'service.' You spark the fire of soul transformation for us vets with mangled souls. You have lit the phoenix. You are a grandfather in the warrior archetype."

Shawn Nelson, combat veteran of Somalia and "Black Hawk Down"  


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