Our mission is to transform the emotional, moral, and spiritual wounds that

often result from war and military service. We help active-duty troops and

veterans develop new and honorable warrior identities. We offer genuine

homecoming, reintegration, and a path for post-traumatic growth. We also

empower and equip families, care providers, individuals, and communities

to support our troops and veterans as they work to establish new identities.

We have developed a proven holistic, community-based, spiritual method of

healing that goes beyond conventional treatment methods. Our methods

incorporate what we have learned from intensive study of world-wide

spiritual traditions, indigenous cultures, mythology, and warrior traditions.

Countless veterans and members of the military have experienced

significant and lasting healing after working with us. Thousands of chaplains

and behavioral health professionals from the U.S. Army, Air Force, National

Guard, and Special Operations forces have received training from Soldier's


We offer retreats that create a safe place for veterans and active-duty

servicemen and women to share their military experiences. We also offer

family retreats, workshops, trainings, educational programs, and lectures

on a wide variety of topics.


"Soldier's Heart," written and performed by Colonel Mike Lembke


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Soldier's Heart is a singular, well founded group, the likes of which I have not seen in my work as Chaplain in the Army.

Colonel Mike Lembke, Chaplain (Ret) U.S. Army 


Soldier's Heart is so important to the veteran's community, their healing, and to their journey toward healing and finally being able to "come home" in mind, heart and soul. As a veteran who had my own struggles for years, and now as a Social Worker helping my Brothers and Sisters- I've seen and experienced what they do first hand.

-Don McCasland

Soldier's Heart is helping veterans of all wars find their way to healing. One of my favorite organizations.

-Steve Citty

I would give them 10 stars! This organization is a one of a kind, all heart & soul. They are there in a vet's darkest hours and turn it around. I love them!

-Estephania LeBaron-Papanicoulauo

Soldiers Heart is a registered 501 (c) (3)