restoring our warriors & communities

Paul Henderson, JD

Paul Henderson, JD, is a veteran, practicing lawyer, certified breathwork facilitator, and ordained minister (non-denominational). He volunteered for the US Army in 1968, served in Vietnam with the 101st Airborne Division and retired in 1996, serving a total of 23 years in combat arms in the active and reserve components. During the mid 1990’s he was forced to deal with his own psychic trauma from war. Since that time he has devoted himself to working with other veterans to heal the deep wounds to the mind and spirit from combat. He has been a frequent speaker to various organizations on veterans issues as well as a facilitator for veteran workshops. He volunteers as a pilot for the Veterans Airlift Command—a non-profit group that provides free private air transport for disabled service members and veterans who have difficulties using commercial air travel. He lives and works in Vancouver, WA.