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Articles by Soldier’s Heart Leaders

Transforming Our Communities to Heal Our Veterans by Ed Tick

Report on 2012 Chaplain Annual Sustainment Training on PTSD by Ed Tick

The Ft. Hood Tragedy Belongs to Us All by Ed Tick

Friendly Fire by Ed Tick

What Is a Warrior? by Ed Tick

Torture and the American Soul by Ed Tick

Caring Means Sharing the Burden by Kate Dahlstedt

Children of Military Families: Common Issues by Kate Dahlstedt

Spouses and Lovers: Key Issues by Kate Dahlstedt

Commentary on the Film Soldiers of Conscience by Kate Dahlstedt

Sentry poem by Kate Dahlstedt

Published articles by & about Soldier’s Heart

Visas for Afghan Allies by Chris Antal
New York Times
(March 27, 2023)

Of Pachyderms and Paratroopers by G.A. Bradshaw and Ed Tick
Huffington Post
(November 6, 2023)

Like Wandering Ghosts David Kupfer interview with Ed Tick
The Sun (June 2008)

Heal the Warrior, Heal the Country by Ed Tick
yes! (Summer 2008)


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