Faith Community Partnership

Faith communities are our natural allies in the effort to witness and share the burdens of war. They are uniquely positioned to tend the unmet needs of the soul. However, to do that well for warriors they need education and guidance. Our Faith Community Partnership Program is designed to provide exactly that.

Soldier’s Heart partners with individuals and groups interested in learning the Soldier’s Heart Model, built on the twin pillars of spirituality and community, and applying it in regional contexts. Since faith communities are sanctuaries dedicated to nurturing spirituality and community, Soldier’s Heart is especially interested in partnering with them in order to more expeditiously and effectively accomplish our mission.

Soldier’s Heart recognizes that faith communities are not only sanctuaries dedicated to nurturing spirituality and community, but they are also stewards to rich traditions that include disciplines, rites, and rituals—all resources that can be utilized to facilitate purification, forgiveness, reconciliation and promote healing and wholeness.

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