Introductory Training Retreats

Eritrean pottery showing Achilles and womanOur introductory training retreats explore of the Soldier’s Heart Model of transformation from war veteran to Spiritual Warrior. This retreat will give participants a comprehensive understanding of the inner world of those who have experienced combat and military culture and the essential role of community in the re-integration process. Participants will gain an understanding of the Necessities of Return and the role of the Sacred Witness. They will learn how to implement these ideas in their professional practice or their personal relations.

Introductory training retreats are intended for those who are familiar with the Soldier’s Heart approach, either because they have

  • attended a Soldier’s Heart healing retreat
  • attended a Soldier’s Heart workshop, lecture, or training
  • and/or read War and the Soul or Warrior’s Return.

The retreats are designed for those who are working with or training to work with the military or veterans and/or their families in a counseling, clerical, teaching, mentoring, or community support capacity. The training is for counseling professionals AND concerned community members who are willing to provide what we call “accompaniment” to veterans on the ongoing return journey.