Soldier’s Heart programs include:

  • Couple walkingSoldier’s Heart Veterans’ Return Retreats are experiential intensives based on the healing elements described in War and the Soul. They are open to everyone, especially veterans, their families and professionals. See the Events Calendar for upcoming dates. Click here for registration info and details. Click here for info on receiving educational credit.

    Educational Credit for Soldier's Heart Retreats:

    Soldier's Heart Director Dr. Ed Tick is on the faculty and Soldier's Heart is a Teaching Partner of Wisdom University. Soldier's Heart retreats are accredited teaching intensives of Wisdom Univ.

    Through your participation you may obtain graduate credit toward Wisdom Univ. Certification, Masters and Doctoral degrees. Contact Soldier's Heart (); Nature, Trauma and Soul Dept. chair Dr. William Taegel (); or go to Wisdom University's web site (, referencing our name for further information or to register for credit.

  • National support for community-based services for our returning veterans and veterans of all wars. With help from Soldier’s Heart staff, communities across the country are rallying around returning soldiers and supporting their homecoming with strategies presented in War and the Soul. Please see “Regional Contacts” for the group nearest you or call 518-274-0501 ext. 10.
  • Two vetsVeteran to Veteran Mentoring for seasoned veterans to reach out to new returnees.
  • Vietnamese woman walkingJourney to Viet Nam - The senior staff of Soldier's Heart lead trips to Viet Nam during which veterans of the Viet Nam war meet and council with former enemies. Veterans who take our Journey to Viet Nam are transformed, and so are the rest of the people involved! Click here for photo galleries of past trips.
  • Professional training
  • Lectures
  • Community awareness raising and training The Soldier's Heart staff work closely with communities nationwide who are interested in and committed to assisting veterans and their families as they reconnect and readjust into full, productive civilian life. If you'd like to explore options and possibilities for your community to become more veteran sensitive and supportive, we invite you to call us at 518-274-0501 or write to us at .
  • Faith community services
  • College campus events
  • Radio, TV, and newspaper interviews (click here for links to podcasts of past interviews)