Retreats for Warriors & Community

Sun shining through clouds on Atlantic OceanAt Soldier’s Heart retreats, you have an opportunity to face the dark times in your military service in the company of the community in whose name you acted. Looking straight at the past may help restore your hope in the future.

Soldier’s Heart retreats create places where you can share your stories safely.

Our retreats help society accept its responsibility for your actions.

At our retreats, we will

These four days have done me more good than 8 years of therapy at the VA.
— Jim Cahill Vietnam Veteran, Naval Aviation. Founder AmVets Chapter 222, Sparta, NJ

  • listen to you deeply
  • tend to you lovingly
  • honor your truths
  • share your burdens

Most of our retreats are for both men and women. This provides the opportunity for the whole community to learn from and grow with each other. We sometimes hold separate men’s retreats or women’s retreats.

Civilians attend our retreats in order to listen to and learn from you. They are honored to hear your true stories and to share your hard-earned knowledge of the best and worst of human nature.

For information on retreats and scholarships, please contact us at or 518-274-0501 X10. Please consult our calendar for our next scheduled retreats.