Women and War Project

For Female Vets and Family Members

Kate Dahlstedt, Soldier’s Heart Co-Founder and Director, offers retreats for women veterans and service members, as well as for women who love a veteran or service-member.
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Two Support Groups

statue of female warriorIn response to the unique needs of women veterans and female family members, Soldier’s Heart’s Co-Director, Kate Dahlstedt, is now offering two 12 week teleconference groups. New groups will form every season. Group members will call-in from around the country to a conference line and “meet” virtually for an hour and a half. Each group will be limited to 8 participants and will be free of charge, although donations are suggested. The groups will consist of exercises designed to facilitate personal exploration, sharing and growth utilizing an expanded Soldier’s Heart model of healing.

Women Veterans

Being a woman in the armed forces has its own inherent challenges and trials. These are often ignored or denied by the community at large, leaving our female veterans isolated as they struggle to reshape their lives once they are home. This group is for any woman who has served or is serving in the military and would like a safe, supportive space to speak her truth about her military experience and reintegration and gain sensitive, heartfelt guidance.

Tuesday evenings: 4:30 – 6 EST

Women Family Members

For every military serviceperson, whether presently serving or having served in the past, there are family and friends who must deal every day with the lasting effects of the military experience. They know all too well the difficulty of re-integration and the invisible wounds of war. This group is for wives/significant others, mothers, sisters, and daughters of military personnel and veterans who need sensitive guidance and understanding to help them support their military loved ones. 

Thursday evenings: 4:30 – 6 EST

For more information or to apply, contact Kate at: