restoring our warriors & communities

Gifts in Memory

Ed BlochIn Memory of Ed Bloch
Laurie & Todd Teal
Dan Wilcox
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In Memory of Harry Gilbert
Sally Jo Gilbert de Vargas

In Memory of Phillip Brian Hatcher
Maren Chaloupka
Kara Hatcher Hawkins
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In Memory of the Fallen in HMM 362 “Ugly Angels”
Al Plapp
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In Memory of Lee Hodson
Katie Bell

In Memory of Stan Hyman
LauStanSmilingFacera Bromfield
Tonya Mayes
Lochie Musso
Steven Sherwood
Peter Voletsky, Esq.
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In Memory of Louisa May Horvath Jartz
Eleanor Manire Gatti

In Memory of George Roshia Marcey, Jr.
Eleanore Marcey

In Memory of Nathan O’Connor
Suzanne Stevens

In Memory of Lyle Ozmun
Denise Mahone

In Memory of Don Shreves
Shari Elf

In Memory of James E. Tyson
Gary Anderson

In Memory of Donald A. Ursem
Walter & Terry Gasser
Noreen Gibney
Elizabeth & Joseph Terranova
Mary Beth Ursem

In Memory of the Proud Marines & Soldiers Who Returned from Vietnam
but were not honored by their country
Richard McHenry