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Athena’s Shield for Women

Athena, the goddess of courage and wisdom, is a fitting protectress for our women warriors. She has been revered since ancient times for her strength and her strategy. She is the patron goddess of both heroism and creativity. Active duty and veteran women need both.

Being a woman in the armed forces has its own inherent challenges and trials. These are often ignored or denied by the community at large, leaving our female veterans isolated as they struggle to reshape their lives once they are home. To a greater degree than their male counterparts, women have to contend with job discrimination, the difficulties of parenthood during deployment, and military sexual trauma (MST).

We offer any woman who has served or is serving in the military opportunities to speak her truth about her military experience and reintegration, and to gain sensitive, heartfelt guidance.

To see Kate Dahlstedt discuss the challenges facing women in the military, and describe a women’s retreat, watch this interview on Look TV.

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    Photo credit:
  • Women in Combat by SGGH at en.wikipedia [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons