restoring our warriors & communities

Advanced Training

The invisible inner world of military service and combat and the universal dimensions of warriorhood and war wounding are the most critical yet most neglected dimensions of warrior study. They are revealed through survivor testimony, world history, mythology, archetypal psychology, and cross-cultural and international efforts.

Soldier’s Heart advanced intensive training retreats, for survivors and practitioners who are advanced in their war healing work, will address PTSD as primarily wounding to the warrior’s identity and soul and to the social fabric of the community and nation. Correctly and directly addressing these wounds brings healing to soul, restoration of self and society and meaning to the tragedies.

We will review the Soldier’s Heart model for guiding the warrior on this spiritual journey. We will share and process our own stories and those of other survivors the world over to understand how to hear what the symptoms of war wounding are telling us, rebuild veterans’ identities, shrink trauma, and restore wounded dimensions of soul and world. For every topic, we will explore, share, process for ourselves and integrate for the wisdom necessary to guide warriors home.

Topics will include:

  • Transformation from Horror to Transcendence
  • War and Military Service as a Sacred Arena
  • War and War Healing in the Bible
  • A Holistic Understanding of PTSD
  • Moral Injury and Recovery
  • The Warrior’s Path Home
  • Transforming and Blessing the Journey

These retreats are for troops and veterans, trauma healers, care providers, family members and concerned citizens with significant experience at Soldier’s Heart events and with the military/veteran communities. Attendance at a Soldier’s Heart retreat and previous training are required.

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